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Creative writing platform StoryBilder invites writers of all levels to participate in their $1500 USD short story contest focused on love, in all its shapes and sizes.

(TORONTO, ON, February 1, 2022) StoryBilder, a creative writing platform for new and aspiring writers, announces it will host The Swipe Write Contest to celebrate its forthcoming launch. Short fiction stories must incorporate the contest theme, love, and be 500-1500 words in length.  The contest is open to writers 18+ in the United States and Canada (except in Quebec and where prohibited by law). Winners of both tracks will be announced on May 17, 2022. 

To enter, visit and follow the links to the submission form.

StoryBilder joins the first cohort of the Banff Spark Accelerator program, which provides education and opportunity for women-owned media businesses at the Banff Media Festival.

(TORONTO, ON, March 3, 2020)  StoryBilder will join the inaugural 2020 Banff Spark Accelerator, a program designed to support women-owned media businesses in conjunction with the Banff Media Festival. The Banff Spark Accelerator seeks to address the historical gender-gap in media-related business. The program will include specialized training, mentorship and a dedicated programming stream in Banff in June, in addition to opportunities to meet with potential investors.

“I am thrilled to be included in this cohort of exceptional women whose companies are transforming the media industry,” says StoryBilder founder Tanya Gough. “As we prepare to launch StoryBilder publicly, the Banff Spark Accelerator provides much needed resources and support.”

The ability of story to transport, enlighten, and entertain has been a human social driver since the beginning of time. For StoryBilder, the search for ways to enable better storytelling is the only quest worth pursuing.

(TORONTO, ON, March 4, 2019)  Storytelling is a fundamental human impulse. People use stories to communicate, to connect, and to influence. Narrative helps people make sense of the past and imagine the future. The best stories help process fear, promote empathy, and allow readers to experience places and ideas far beyond their daily reach.

Balancing production costs and without compromising quality is a challenge for any aspiring startup. For the upcoming creative writing platform StoryBilder, choosing to build on Pantheon meant freedom to focus on getting their platform ready for prime time.

(TORONTO, ON, January 28, 2019)  Like many startups, StoryBilder originated from a need to solve a complicated problem: helping people write better stories. The solution had to be comprehensive but simple to use, despite the diversity of genres, story formats and individual story arcs, as well as writers’ varying preferences and experience levels. The system also had to be flexible enough to support a multitude of stories being written in their own unique ways.

Whether you need help making that dream novel happen, want to collaborate with your friends, or just need a solid platform to keep track of your stories, StoryBilder helps you bring the novel you always wanted to write to life. 

(TORONTO, ON, Nov 28, 2018)  Whether you’re an experienced writer or dream of becoming one, writing can be tough. There are characters to invent and track, worlds to build, outlines to organize. Some writers like to organize, others prefer to freestyle. One might be strong at details but can’t tie it all together. Others can see the big picture but lack experience or a viable process to see it through.  And while the market is flooded with individual tools to address some of these issues, there haven’t been any comprehensive solutions until now. StoryBilder was built to fill this gap.

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