We're always working to make StoryBilder better for you. We update our FAQ as questions come in and the platform evolves, so consider this page a work-in-progress too. 

If you have a question about us, how the platform works or what it does, feel free to drop us a line. We'll do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can. 


How much does StoryBilder cost?

StoryBilder is priced to be as affordable as possible. We want you to feel comfortable writing your stories at your own pace, without having to worry about it draining your wallet. 

Check out our pricing page and get started now. 

Why isn't StoryBilder free?

Well, we do need to keep the lights on, and we have to pay a lot of people to help keep StoryBilder running. We didn't want advertising on the platform, because it needs to be a place where you can write uninterrupted, without marketing messages fighting for your attention. So we're charging an annual subscription fee, but we're keeping it low so that it's easily affordable for most people. 

General Information

Why is it spelled StoryBilder instead of StoryBuilder or Story Builder?

'Bilder' means "picture" in German, Yiddish, and a bunch of other languages in northern Europe and odd pockets throughout Africa. And just as the word "bilder" connects countries as different as Chad, Luxembourg and Corsica, StoryBilder helps you connect the dots, so you can find your story and define your world. 

Some of the languages where it occurs include:

German (Germany)
Swedish (Sweden)
Basque (Spain and France)
Hausa (Chad)
Norwegian (Norway)
Xhosa (South Africa)
Corsican (Corsica)
Malagasy (Madagascar)

It also means "imagine" in Haitian Creole from Haiti and Western Frisian from the Netherlands.)

TL;DR: The only thing StoryBilder is missing is U. 

Will StoryBilder be released in languages other than English?

Yes, that's the plan. We'll need to make sure the English version is fully launched and stable before we can start working on other languages, though, so feel free to check back. If there's a particular language you would like us to include, feel free to drop us a note. 

Will StoryBilder replace my other writing tools?

Probably not. The art of writing is unique to every writer, and what works for you may not work for someone else. In our experience, most writers develop a bundle of tools that best suit them and their needs. 

This is not a bad thing. Writing is a complicated process. If you stick to just one tool, you limit your ability to grow and try new things. We concentrate on helping you get your first draft done, but there are many writing things software still can't do well. 

Some writers will benefit from using software and joining a writing circle or taking courses get one-on-one feedback. Others may consider hiring beta readers, editors, or a writing coach or two to help along the way. 

You do you. We're here to get you started. 

How To...

How do I get started with StoryBilder?

Step 1: Sign up

Signing up is easy and affordable. We've kept our membership fees low to help you focus on your writing. 

Step 2: Pick a starting point

Everyone writes differently, so we give you three ways to start your first project.

Know what you're doing? 
Jump right in.

Need to doodle and think first? 
We have wizards, tutorials, and notepads to help you play until you're ready.

Can't decide? 
We'll set you up with the basics with the click of a button.

STEP 3: Congrats! You've started your story.

Well done! You're now on your way.


How long does a membership last?

We currently offer three membership tiers: pay-by-the-month, pay-by-the-year, or our infinity plan.  Renewing membership tiers are paid on a subscription basis. Our infinity plan includes unlimited access to the platform at a one-time price. 

You can learn more about these tiers on our pricing page.

On the Platform

Does StoryBilder incorporate generative AI?

StoryBilder is NOT generative AI. 

We're here to empower you to write your own stories, stories that reflect who you are as a person. Which isn't to say we don't or won't use AI in the platform, but we're committed to making sure any technology we provide helps you unlock your own imagination. 

What outline formats does StoryBilder offer?

All first-time users can choose from a basic three- or five- part outline or one of the well-known seven basic plots. Once you've started your first project and have familiarized yourself with the platform, you are welcome to borrow outlines from classic literature, folktales, fairy tales, and mythology, if you wish. 

Our outlines are meant to give you a starting point, and you are welcome to add content, move sections around, and make them your own. 

Publishing and Rights

Can I publish my work on the StoryBilder site?

No. We'll help you plan, write and organize your book until it's complete. You can export your story, character profiles and location sheets anytime, and you can publish your story anywhere you want. 

Do I retain copyright and ownership over my writings?

YES! Anything you write on the StoryBilder platform is entirely yours. StoryBilder retains no rights over your work, and we take no royalties or percentages if you sell your stories. We're just here to help you get it done.


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