The Library

Perfect for classic lit fanfic and adaptations, the Library is the ultimate playground for writers who like to mix 'n' match and play with established storylines.

The Library is full of characters, locations, and story formats from classic literature. Borrow what you like, change them up, make them your own. Or stick to the StoryEngine or Toolbox and do your own thing. 

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Want to use the outline from Hamlet as your starting point? Go ahead. Then rearrange the scenes or turn it into a comedy. Use your own characters or add some from other stories, like Dracula or a Jane Austen romance. 

The Library is your playground where you can reimagine classic literature and make it your own. No limits, no restrictions. 

special features:

  • Characters, locations and story formats from classic literature
  • Borrow what you like (or do your own thing)
  • Adapt, edit, rearrange or mix & match stories
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