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Write your story from A to Z with fewer options and distractions to help keep your writing on track.



Jump in anywhere and keep track of your characters and plot as you go. Write your story, your way.



Borrow characters, maps and outlines from the classics. Adapt and make them your own.


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Use one of our prebuilt frameworks, make it yours, or create your own.

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Keep a bird's-eye view on your characters, locations, plot points and more.

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More than just a plot tool

Start your story based on one of the seven basic plots or borrow an outline from the classics. Then bend it, change it up, and make it yours. Or just do your own thing.

More than just a prompts tool

Not sure what to write or how to structure your story? We've got prompts if you need them. Want to do your own thing and write your own way? That's entirely up to you.

More than just a help tool

First time writing? Help is right at hand. Information is available right where you need it, when you need it. Learn as you go, at your own pace, no matter what order you take.
Conveying emotions in your work can be difficult, but it’s an important part of the craft. Offering insight into your characters’ feelings helps your reader develop empathy for them. When a character…
Letting the reader into your character’s mind creates a connection. A character’s words might not always tell the whole story; a person’s thoughts reveal who they really are. If you want your readers…
Finding time to write as a busy parent can be challenging. In a previous blog post, we offered tips to help you write your novel no matter how old your children are.Writing can feel daunting when…