We know the feeling.

The seed of an idea stuck in your brain, trying to take root. The start of a story you know will make a great book, if only you knew how to start.  The story is a part of you,  but it has a life of its own. And it wants to be set free. 

StoryBilder intuitively supports
the creative writing process,
no matter what or how you write.

StoryBilder helps you dig around and explore while your story continues to grow.  It's a place where you can play with your characters, locations and plot so they can find the light of day. We offer outlines and story elements that you can borrow and adapt, or ignore them and do your own thing. We also provide prompts and reference structures if you need them, so you always feel supported, whether this is your first book or your tenth. Set your stories free. 

StoryBilder is:

Follow the prompts from beginning to end, or jump right in and start writing from scratch. You choose.

Think of us as training wheels for your book. If you need help, structural prompts teach you what comes next. If you can pop wheelies on your own, pedal on.

Can't remember where characters interact with each other? We have charts for that.

Can't make up your mind if your character has blue eyes or brown? Want to shake things up? Use the vocabulary tools and let StoryBilder suggest story details to you!


LAUNCH DAY is coming, and your adventure awaits.

Write your own happily ever after.

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