So, you want to write a story.

You're not alone. As many as 81% of Americans say they want to write a novel. The idea of creating a new world in your head and bringing it to life with words can be exciting. But how do you create characters, build worlds, organize and write it all? And how do you write a story, anyway? That's where StoryBilder comes in.

StoryBilder is a creative writing platform for writers of all experience levels.
Support and structure for new and emerging writers. Planning tools and trackers for experienced ones. 
We make it easy to make the book you've always wanted to write a reality.

StoryBilder is:

  • Adaptable. Follow the prompts from beginning to end, or jump right in and start writing from scratch. You choose.
  • Educational. Think of us as training wheels for your book. If you need help, structural prompts teach you what comes next. If you can pop wheelies on your own, pedal on.
  • Organizational. Can't remember where characters interact with each other? We have a visualizer for that.
  • Fun! Can't make up your mind if your character has blue eyes or brown? Want to shake things up? Use the vocabulary tools and let StoryBilder suggest story details to you!