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Creative writing has changed considerably in the past few years. Gone are the days when your only options were to publish traditionally or scribble privately in your journal. Nowadays, you can publish on any number of social media or public platforms, self-publish, or serialize your story and post it on your website or blog. 

Writing for fun or pleasure has never been more popular. But figuring out how to get started in a world full or organizers and online classes can be overwhelming. 

We designed StoryBilder for new and in-between writers. For people who write for their own enjoyment. For intrepid first-time writers who want to experiment and learn along the way.

  • Plotters will love us because we already provide you with a starting framework on which to plan.
  • Pantsers will love us because you can jump right in anywhere and we'll help you keep track automatically.

We're here to remind you that writing is something you love. We're the safe space where you can play and experiment and figure things out as you go.

We're here for you.

how it works

StoryBilder is:

Follow our prompts from beginning to end, or jump right in and start writing from scratch. Or jump between the two. You choose.
Think of us as training wheels for your book. If you need help, structural prompts teach you what comes next. If you can pop wheelies on your own, pedal on.
Can't remember where characters interact with each other? We have charts for that. Need help visualizing where they are? Check out our interactive, searchable maps.
Can't decide if your character has blue eyes or brown? Want to shake things up? Use the vocabulary tools and let StoryBilder suggest story details to you!
your writing adventure awaits
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