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StoryBilder helps you keep track of all your story's bits and pieces and shows you how to put them together in an order that makes sense - to you. With special tools and educational prompts sprinkled throughout, StoryBilder gives you the confidence and support you need to finish that novel - or novels - you've had kicking around in your head. 

if you write for fun

The StoryBilder library is full of characters and outlines from fairy tales and the classics for you to adapt and make your own. Or use our pre-built maps and charts to keep track of what you're doing while you experiment and play on your own terms.

if you self-publish

StoryBilder helps you keep your plots together so you can focus on the fun part of writing. Reusable story outlines, character profiles, outlines and notes make sure your details are consistent throughout each book and across books in a series. 

if you write and publish fanfiction

StoryBilder is a private place where you can plan your stories and keep track of your characters, locations and plot points as your fanfic evolves. Develop your ships and build your own canon reference notes so you never miss a beat or forget a detail.

how it works

StoryBilder is:

Follow our prompts from beginning to end, or jump right in and start writing from scratch. Or jump between the two. You choose.
Think of us as training wheels for your book. If you need help, structural prompts teach you what comes next. If you can pop wheelies on your own, pedal on.
Can't remember where characters interact with each other? We have charts for that. Need help visualizing where they are? Check out our interactive, searchable maps.
Can't decide if your character has blue eyes or brown? Want to shake things up? Use the vocabulary tools and let StoryBilder suggest story details to you!
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