Our story is your story.

you have an idea. 

Characters are chattering in your head. Plot points are running wild in your mind. You're excited to write and share your own happily (or not-so-happily) ever after with your friends, your family, the world.

Now what?

The basics of creative writing is easy. You just need a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Writing a story, on the other hand, is hard. What is your story really about? How do you know what parts of the story to tell, and in what order?

everyone starts out with a blank page.

We are writers, educators, and programmers who understand that everyone has their own way to approach the stories they tell. We understand you might not like putting things into neat little boxes, that you need to build your story organically as you uncover what's inside. 

You need a system that will help you grow as a writer but doesn't get in your way.

We know because we need those things too, whether we're professionally published or just starting out. Whether we write literary or genre or fanfic. We all need to be free to play and experiment and figure things out as we explore our ideas. A space that bends to our creative process and helps us find our way.

A place that makes creative writing possible for everyone, including you.

So that is what we built. For you,

StoryBilder is your writing playground, where you have the freedom to create your stories the way YOU want them to be.


our founder

Tanya Gough is a career entrepreneur with deep subject matter expertise in the full content stack from web and systems development and information architecture to content creation and digital marketing. She has worked with companies in nearly every vertical from startups to credit unions in industries ranging from financial services to education, and small town retail to global conglomerates.

Driven by story, she is a published author, has created interactive stories for major children's brands, and sits on Canada's literary Sunburst Award's Board of Directors. Earlier, she spent 15 years as an ESL teacher and was the founder of an educational supply catalog with customers in 42 countries around the world.

your writing adventure awaits
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