We know the feeling.

The seed of an idea stuck in your brain, trying to take root. The start of a story you know will make a great book, if only you knew how to start.  The story is a part of you,  but it has a life of its own. And it wants to be set free. 

StoryBilder helps your stories grow,
no matter what or how you write.

Dig around and explore your plot.  Play with your characters and locations so they can find the light of day. Borrow and adapt our free outlines and other story elements, or ignore them and do your own thing. Prompts and reference structures make sure you always feel supported, whether this is your first book or your tenth. 

Welcome to StoryBilder.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I took a look around at creative writing software on the market, but all I could find were organizational tools, which were great for writers who like to work that way, but not good for creative thinkers who don't like putting things into neat little boxes. There were a few educational systems around too, but they were all quite rigid, making it hard for writers to be creative or innovative. 

So I created StoryBilder.

I built StoryBilder to take creative writing solutions to the next level. Everything on the platform is interconnected, allowing you to work methodically or jump in anywhere and figure out the gaps as you go. I included a growing collection of optional narrative structures and story elements from classic literature to give new writers a place to start and to promote adaptation and innovation throughout the platform. I also hard-baked educational prompts all the way through, so writers who need help or ideas at any given point have the information they need to make choices that are right for them. 

I built StoryBilder to be your writing playground, where you have the freedom to create your stories the way YOU want them to be, but with support and guidance you need to keep your project on track. 




Tanya Gough has been an ESL teacher, a retail store owner, a corporate digital marketer, and a freelance content strategist, intelligence researcher, and web developer. Today, she is the founder of StoryBilder, a creative writing platform for new and aspiring writers. Tanya also writes middle-grade fantasy fiction and science-infused fantasy short stories for adults.

LAUNCH DAY is coming. Your adventure awaits.

Write your own happily ever after.

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