We're just getting started, but we've already got a fan club. We've worked hard with academics and professional writers to make sure that StoryBilder offers best-in-class help and structures to keep your story on track. Here are some of the things they've said so far:

StoryBilder is a power tool for narrative construction.

- Paul Chafe, Bestselling Author of Destiny's Forge and the Ark Trilogy

StoryBilder is a marvel: an exciting and versatile and superbly well thought-out new resource for creative writers.

- Prof. S. Peter Donaldson, Ford International Professor in the Humanities, M.I.T.

Flipping phenomenal!

- Amanda Sun, Author of The Paper Gods series and Heir to the Sky

I've had a sneak peek at an early demo of StoryBilder. What a versatile and terrific resource it promises to be! Writers will find it invaluable for jumpstarting their creative process, and literature teachers can use it to introduce students to the finer points of narrative and character construction. There's nothing quite like it.

- Prof. Douglas Lanier, English Dept., University of New Hampshire

Got a sneak peek today of @StoryBilder the storytelling platform. Damn, I'm impressed! Aspiring & established authors are going to love this. Educators are going to have a new way of exploring narrative architecture.

- Tony Tobias, President/Executive Producer, Pangaea Media & Music

I LOVE this. It is really exciting with enormous pedagogical potential for literature professors.

- Prof. Louise Geddes, Associate Professor, English Dept. Adelphi University

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