What's Inside

StoryBilder comes packed with the tools you need to write your novel, whether this is your first book or your tenth. We're designed with simpler options and fewer distractions, with enough structure you keep you organized, but with the flexibility you need to jump in anywhere and fill in the gaps as your story evolves.

Everything is interconnected, so you can edit, adapt and make changes on the fly, no matter where you are in the process. 

writing tools

  • Robust text editors and flexible workspaces
    All your editing needs at your fingertips.
  • Spellcheck
    Because even the best of us forget how to spell from time to time
  • Editable and adaptable outlines
    Outlines that grow and change with your story, while still keeping you on track.
  • Plot and mood trackers
    Track your key plot points organically as you write so you can easily see what's missing.

character development

Create and track characters as you go. We've got:

  • Character profiles
    Keep track of your character's details with easy-to-manage reference pages.
  • Lingo search tool
    Not sure what your character looks like or what they do? Play with the lingo tool to find language suited to your genre (or others).
  • Tracking
    Keep track of where your characters appear as you write, making editing a breeze.


Never lose a detail or leave a character out of place. 

  • Location info sheets
    Keep track of your location's history and other details. 
  • Interactive Earth maps
    Add Earth-bound map coordinates to pull up interactive maps, so you can see where your characters are in time and space. 
  • Tracking
    Keep track of where your scenes take place so you can make sure the action happens in the right place at the right time.

the library

Full of characters, maps and outlines from the classics to borrow and adapt.

  • Always optional
    Choose from a growing collection of story elements.
  • Pick from your favorites
    Collections include Shakespeare, Victorian horror, Jane Austen, fairy tales and more.
  • Whatever you need
    Use a whole story, individual characters and locations, or mix and match.
  • However you need
    Use them as they are or make them your own.

help everywhere

  • Prompts and instructions
    Available throughout the platform, making sure you always have the support you need.
  • Everything optional
    Our prompts, like our outlines and library content, are tucked away so you access them when you need them. Want to do your own thing? No problem.
  • Flip the script
    Challenge your preconceptions and upend stereotypes. We'll show you ways to think differently and find new approaches along the way.
your writing adventure awaits
start your novel now.