About AI in Creative Writing

AI is everywhere these days, and you have questions. So do we, especially when it comes to creativity. Sure, AI may have a useful purpose as a creativity tool, but we don't understand why anyone would want AI to replace writers and artists. 

So, we ask:

  • What purpose does AI-generated art serve?
  • Why would we want to be surrounded by art created by AI? 
  • Why would we want to be entertained by it? 

The creative arts are how we express ourselves, how we find our voice. We paint, write stories, carve statues, and perform. This is how we learn about ourselves, connect with others, and explore our worlds, both real and imaginary. Creative arts are what we do when we're not striving to survive. Creativity is our pleasure, our passion, our obsession.

We're not saying that AI is inherently bad, but why would we want to outsource these activities, of all things, to a machine? Particularly when that machine is built on the unpaid, uncredited contributions of artists who came before us? 

The answer is we don't. 

We are not empty shells, waiting to be filled with endless content pumped out of a mindless machine. We're people designed to connect, and we need to find better ways to communicate and make our needs known. This means using technology to make US better, because that's what technology is supposed to do.

Here at StoryBilder, we are committed to:

  • building systems that are people-centric
  • using data that is ethically sourced
  • transparency so you know how your data is being used
  • prioritizing user privacy
  • protecting user's ownership of their work

We recognize that storytelling is a highly individualistic process, and we're committed to using technology to help you become a better writer. 

This means:

  • keeping your work away from predatory programs that feed on your content and spit it back out for other people to monetize
  • understanding that any technology we utilize puts your privacy and ownership front and center
  • helping you find your voice, so you can tell your stories

We have a lot left to build, but we can't and won't do it without you.