StoryBilder helps you see how your characters interact, how they move around your world, and what happens when. Not sure what to write or how to structure your story? No problem. We've got prompts if you need them. Want to do your own thing and write your own way? That's entirely up to you. 

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More than an organization tool.

How is all that possible, you ask?  Easy. StoryBilder makes it easier for you to imagine your worlds, structure your ideas, and get down to the real business of writing your story. 


  • Beginners: We'll walk you through the writing process from start to finish.
  • Intermediate Writers: Organize and arrange your information, or use our tools to help shake things up. We'll also provide backbone structure to keep it all on track.
  • Advanced Writers: Go straight to the blank forms and write however you like. Do you figure it out as you go? No problem. Do you plan and plot before you write? We do that, too.
  • Plotters & Planners: Just need space to plan your story project and need to figure out what goes where? Stick to the toolsets and skip the longform writing.

Easy to use.

  • Want to work at your own pace with your own system? Go straight to your Dashboard
  • Have a large world and too many characters to keep track of? Track them with Maps
  • Can't keep track of what happens when? Check your Timeline
  • Can't think of what to say next? Use the Word Tools
  • Don't know how to write a story and need help and direction? Open the Prompts


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