The Toolbox

The Toolbox is designed for more experienced writers or for writers ready for more control over their editing process.

Full of advanced editing tools, organizers, charts and report, the Toolbox lets you plan, write, edit and review your story as it unfolds. 

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Whether you write methodically or prefer your story to evolve organically, the Toolbox helps you keep track of the details, see what you've done, and understand what you need to do next.

Borrow one of our many story formats and let the prompts guide you, or start with a blank slate and do your own thing. 

Special features:

  • All of the forms and features available in the StoryEngine.
  • Full profile and reference pages for characters and locations.
  • Customize your outlines and reorder scenes.
  • Interactive location maps.
  • Prompts are tucked away above your writing space where you can reference them if you're not sure what happens next.
  • Tag your characters, places and plot elements so you can see where your characters are in time and space, and what they are doing.