StoryBilder Features

We built StoryBilder to help you focus on creating your story without getting bogged down in minute details and distractions. 

we do

we don't

help you focus on your story and writing

confuse or distract you

adapt to your writing style

force you through a fixed writing order

let you mix and match with our library

lock you into structure or style

support you with helpful prompts as needed

write the story for you


key features

designed to maximize your creative space

Need a clean desk to think? No problem! Tidy up your writeboard to show only the tools you need in the moment.

minimize visual distractions and control your workspace
select from common popular outlines

pre-set outlines to make your own

We have three-part and five-part basic structures and all seven of the most common Western plots, plus a bonus library full of outlines from the classics. Once your project is set, you're free to build on these steps, change them, or remove them. We get you started. The rest is up to you. 

prompts to help you stay on track

Not sure what goes where? We tucked prompts and guidelines everywhere so you can keep your story on track. Prompts are customized to your story format and genre(s), so you get the advice you need for the type of story you are writing.

prompts are available with a click
interactive maps with locations from the classics

a library full of story assets from the classics

Start your story using the outline from Hamlet as your base, then change it and make it yours. Mix 'n' match characters, locations and plots from classic literature, mythology, fairy tales and more.

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