Press Release: Introducing StoryBilder: The Creative Writing Platform Where Novel Ideas Come to Life

Whether you need help making that dream novel happen, want to collaborate with your friends, or just need a solid platform to keep track of your stories, StoryBilder helps you bring the novel you always wanted to write to life. 

(TORONTO, ON, Nov 28, 2018)  Whether you’re an experienced writer or dream of becoming one, writing can be tough. There are characters to invent and track, worlds to build, outlines to organize. Some writers like to organize, others prefer to freestyle. One might be strong at details but can’t tie it all together. Others can see the big picture but lack experience or a viable process to see it through.  And while the market is flooded with individual tools to address some of these issues, there haven’t been any comprehensive solutions until now. StoryBilder was built to fill this gap.

StoryBilder is a visualization and idea-generating platform that transforms writing. It comes with a powerful suite of organizational, visualization, and writing prompts that make writing fun, easy, and customizable to the user’s writing style. “StoryBilder is a writing toolset that stimulates ideas and promotes creativity,” says founder Tanya Gough, “and then it gets out of the way so you can write your story the way you want.”

StoryBilder not only helps people develop their existing story ideas, but also act as an experimental play space, Gough explains. “It’s collaborative and contains tools that help writers finesse their language and tone because writing stories is not just about telling your story – it’s also about communicating with your readers and sharing your ideas with others.”

With over a million self-published books now hitting the shelves annually (Publishers Weekly), it’s clear that people still have many stories left to tell.  Built at the intersection of story, content management, and education, StoryBilder offers tools that help people find their voice, tell better stories, and bring their dreams to life.

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Based in Toronto, Ontario, StoryBilder is a visualization and idea-generating platform that transforms the way you write by making writing interactive, collaborative and social. The platform combines education and creativity tools in a framework that helps guide new and inexperienced writers, offers suggestions and discovery tools to help overcome writer’s block, and a flexible work environment that provides as much (or as little) structure as the author needs.  Learn more at

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