Press Release: StoryBilder – This Little Startup Goes to Market

Balancing production costs and without compromising quality is a challenge for any aspiring startup. For the upcoming creative writing platform StoryBilder, choosing to build on Pantheon meant freedom to focus on getting their platform ready for prime time.

(TORONTO, ON, January 28, 2019)  Like many startups, StoryBilder originated from a need to solve a complicated problem: helping people write better stories. The solution had to be comprehensive but simple to use, despite the diversity of genres, story formats and individual story arcs, as well as writers’ varying preferences and experience levels. The system also had to be flexible enough to support a multitude of stories being written in their own unique ways.

For StoryBilder founder Tanya Gough, choosing a development platform brought her to, which not only offered a stable platform to house the project, but also a sandbox space where StoryBilder could build for free. From a technology perspective, was proven, reliable and had the tools StoryBilder needed to get to market. As a startup, StoryBilder could work at their own pace and at no cost, which meant eliminating the pressure of fundraising and impatient investors interfering with the process.

“We looked at a number of development platform options,” says Gough, “but Pantheon was by far the best fit. Not only does the platform provide everything we’ve needed to make StoryBilder a reality, but the free space allowed us to build it exactly as we envisioned. For an internally funded startup hoping to scale quickly after launch, I don’t see how we could have done it any other way.”

Founded in 2010, Pantheon quickly established itself as a market leader in enterprise website development. Although they are now serving over 200,000 customers, Gough says she’s impressed by the quality of their sandbox server speeds, limited downtime and exemplary customer service. “It’s hard enough trying to build a company with limited resources and competing for visibility,” she says. “Pantheon’s service stands out because they respond to everyone – even an brand new startup like us – with quick, friendly answers to even the most basic questions.”

Pantheon Co-Founder and Head of Product Josh Koenig agrees. “Pantheon is built for agile web teams of all sizes iterate quickly, deliver results, and never miss a beat when they hit the big time,” he says. “We’re very proud to support startups like Storybuilder as they work to bring their product to market.”

There is a lot to do as StoryBilder prepares its next steps, such as a Kickstarter in March will help fund final, pre-launch beta testing and additional development costs. They’re working to finalize the platform for beta, marketing preparation, and a host of other early market concerns to put in place. For the StoryBilder team, not having to worry about server costs before launch or reliability after the fact means they can concentrate on writing the next chapter of their own startup story.

To learn more about StoryBilder, their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and be notified when they launch, visit and sign up for their newsletter.

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About StoryBilder

Based in Toronto, Ontario, StoryBilder is a visualization and idea-generating platform that transforms the way you write by making writing interactive, collaborative and social. The platform combines education and creativity tools in a framework that helps guide new and inexperienced writers, offers suggestions and discovery tools to help overcome writer’s block, and a flexible work environment that provides as much (or as little) structure as the author needs.  Learn more at

About Pantheon

Founded in 2010, Pantheon is the only Drupal and WordPress website management platform, running more than 100,000 sites in the cloud. Pantheon’s multi-tenant, container-based platform enables developers, creative agencies, and companies to manage all of their websites from a single dashboard. Pantheon delivers the fastest, most secure platform for developing, testing, and launching all your websites. Customers including Arizona State University, Cisco, Intel, and United Nations trust the Pantheon platform. For more information about Pantheon, visit:

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