Jim Jackson

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electronic mythologist

Jim Jackson is a Calgary Herald bestselling author, reluctant gentleman and dabbler in the dark arts of blues music. Jim’s mission is to give – in these troubled times – intelligent escapism for modern readers and listeners.

He’s the creator of the storytelling guide How to Tell a Really Good Story about Absolutely Anything in 4 Easy Steps, the King Wong Adventures series of pulp mythology books, and the blues records Flypaper Motel and The Electroacoustics of Pandemic.

blog posts by Jim Jackson

August 29, 2022

In Part One in this series, we talked about folktales being stories stripped of everything but essential human truths. And we asked you to think of a folktale that speaks to the best and oldest… read more

August 21, 2022

Myths and folktales have an intrinsic power to move us. They seem to have always been around. Why is that?

Why do our hearts open when the glass slipper fits and Cinderella is united with… read more