Out of All the Creepy Noises, Silence Was By Far the Worst

by Kadence K.
Texas, United States
genre: Horror

It was the middle of October, the little girl's favorite time of year. She loved the cold weather and all the colorful leaves that covered the ground. 

“Mommy?” the little girl asks. “Yes, sweety?” her mother responds. “Can I go outside and play?” she asks. “Of course! Just remember to stay close to the house. Dinner will be ready soon.” her mother answers. “Yes ma'am!” the little girl says as she runs into the abandoned woods that surround her house. 

As the little girl plays outside, she notices a strange and eerie pathway she never remembered there being before. Curious, the little girl decides to walk down the pathway ignoring her mother’s wishes to stay close. 

As the little girl walks down the path she starts to hear a little boy calling her name. The little boy’s voice was soft and welcoming. The little girl tried to look around for the young boy but couldn't seem to find him. “Hello?” the little girl yells out. Silence. “Hello?” the little girl continues to yell. Silence was the boy’s only answer yet again. 

After not getting an answer the little girl decides to continue walking. A few minutes later, she hears her name again. This time it's not the little boy but instead an older woman. The woman's voice, much like the young boy's, is soft and welcoming. The little girl starts to get scared. “H-hello?” she yells. The woman goes silent. “Hello?!” Silence...again. 

The little girl continues to walk down the path, ignoring the creeping feeling inside her that something is wrong. The little girl passes tree after tree and after seeing the same thing over and over again with no end in sight the little girl decides it's time to go back home. 

But when the little girl turns around she sees a silhouette of a young boy on the path in front of her. “Hello? Was it you who was calling my name? Do I know you from school or somewhere?” the little girl yells out at the silhouette. “Hello?” the little girl asks again after not getting an answer. Soon the silhouette seems to get closer and closer and closer. The little girl tries to back away but bumps into a tree that she never remembered there being before. As the boy gets closer, the little girl is able to get a better look at him. She realizes that he is in fact just a young boy but with abnormally plain white eyes. No pupils. 

The little girl screams in fear at the sight of his eyes but the little boy covers her mouth. The little boy's hand is cold, unlike his soft and welcoming voice. “I've already told them. They're here...for you.” the boy whispers before the little girl seems to be falling. 

When the little girl wakes up the last thing she remembers was falling. But as the little girl looks around she seems to be in a plain white room with nothing in it except a small bed which she soon realizes she’s handcuffed to. And as the little girl looks at herself she realizes she is not a little girl anymore but a fully functioning adult. “Where am I?!” she yells to no one in particular. Silence was yet again, the only answer.

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