Look at me, dear friend

by Valentina G.
Florida, United States
genre: Horror

Look at Me, Dear Friend

     I can feel it. Every day. Every night. I know you can too. Maybe you just don’t know what it is. That feeling you get when you’re alone. Like someone is there. Like someone is watching you. But when you turn back, there is nothing there. Of course there’s something. Otherwise, why would you feel that way?  Why did you turn around in the first place?


     I want to know what it is, and I know you do too. But how do you find something that’s gone every time you turn to see if it’s there. That's my goal. I'm going to find out what this is. I must find out what it is.


      How do you go about it though? Do you set up a camera? Do you sit down in front of a wall so there's nothing behind you? How do you see what has been ignored by all, but felt by all as well?


     There’s an old video camera in my basement. I’m going to place it in front of me while I do homework. If all goes as planned, I’ll know what that haunting sensation is. I’ll know what keeps me up at night. What wakes me up as well.


     There it is. That gut feeling. When I look back at the tape there should be an explanation. Maybe now I won’t be on edge all the time.


     I am so tempted to turn back. To make sure nothing will get me and that I’m ok, that I’m alone. I won’t though. It’s all part of the process.


The lights are flickering. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if it’s that strange force. What do I do. Perhaps I’m going crazy.


     I hear footsteps. Why? There’s nobody home right now? They’re approaching me. Is this when I turn back? I can’t. Then I’ll never know. But what if I’m in danger? I’m so scared. Why is every little noise getting louder now?


     I turned around. Fear overcame me. It took over. I’m only human after all. But that isn’t. It isn’t. It’s evil and sinister.


      All I have left if the recording. I don’t even want to look at it. But I will.


       It was useless. There was nothing there. Maybe the reason everyone ignores it is because it’s not real. But it must be. I know it.


     The only way to know the truth is to let it come to me. I won’t turn. Not if the lights flicker. Not if there’s footsteps coming.


     Homework feels longer than usual. I’m tired of staring at meaningless words. I wish there was a machine that could write everything you told it to wr-


There it is.


     It’s more intense than before. I want to look. I want to tell it to go away. But this time it’s different. Now I know this is the only way.


     I’ll just go about my work. Act as if there’s nothing there. The lights are flickering. The floor is squeaking. Footsteps are approaching. My nerves are through the roof.


     I hear a voice. It’s so quiet though. What is it saying? “Why don’t you turn”, it said. Should I? No. I won’t.


I continue my work.


     ‘The founding fathers set up a system in which the citizens of a nati-‘


     I can feel a hand on me. It pulls on my shirt. What is this? I have to look now.


What the- It looks like… me


     That strange energy. That horrible feeling. It’s me.


     She is so scary though. Bright smile, big eyes, strange vibe. I don’t know what to do. I feel frozen. She does nothing either. She just stares at me, as if waiting for me to move first.


     “Go away”, I said. Her smile goes away. She looks sad now. A very terrifying type of sad. When are my parents coming home?      


     She grabs onto me and pushes me backwards. “HELP”, I cry out. No one’s going to help me. It’s just me. After a hit in the head, I get knocked out.


 I woke up in my bed. Oh, how I hope it was all a dream.


     It wasn’t. I know because she was there. Staring at me. Smile wide and bright. Right in front of my bed.


     After one last look, she went into my closet, closing the door behind her. I can see her staring through the cracks in my closet. I feel nauseous.


     Maybe I deserved that for breaking the cycle. For not looking back. They get closer and closer every time you feel their presence and you don’t look. It’s like a sick game of red light, green light.


     Don’t let them nearby. When you feel it, look back. The beating is just a warning. I don’t know why I know that, but I do. Next time you let them get you, they won’t be as nice.


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