the deadly forest

by des reed
Kentucky, United States
genre: Horror

I'm running through an emerald green forest. My heart is pounding so loud I can hear it in my ears as I try to escape this hell. I cry tears of joy and breathe a sigh of relief as I see and feel myself grow closer to the exit but just as I am able to touch the exit my feet are pulled out from under me and I scream as I'm dragged into darkness but no one seems to hear me.  I wake up in a cold sweat thanking god it was just a dream just as the loud shrill of my alarm clock goes off. But it wasn't the alarm or a dream, it was the shrill of sirens as they dragged me down. I kick and kick knocking one off and i'm almost free of there grasp till one bites me and i scream. The only thing i want is to get free and to get out of here with the one thing the forbidden elixir. Yes i know its silly but this elixir is the only thing that grants me the power of immortality and i was almost free, till i was stupid enough to flaunt it in a fairy's face. You may be asking how i got here well let us rewind. A few weeks ago my assistant rasmond had found scientific evidence of another land so i figured why not. If he was wrong then it was an adventure to write about, but if it was real then i have proven that impossible things are possible. I may have lost rasmond along the way but I've ganged eternal beauty, now i will forever be a beautiful, blonde and blue-eyed, 5’ft 28 year-old women. That's if i make it out of here. The sirens and hounds were hot on my trail and was almost there i just had a few more feet to go but the hounds got a hold of my foot i kicked and budged but they weren't moving when all of a sudden i felt a hand “ come on lets get out of here”  i looked up it was rasmond he had come back “ but rasmond i thought you were dead i saw those fairies tear you apart how are you here” he shrugged and pulled the hounds off of me “ i found a dead piranha and they went crazy for it”  i stopped really confused “ but i saw you you were laying in the water you were dead” he stopped and grabbed my arm “ again it was piranha blood now if you would like to survive the exit is right there now lets go we ran as fast as we could through the exit and as we made it across i felt an odd cold sensation coming from rasmond's hand “ why is your hand so cold?”  he let go and when he turned around i was mortified, his corpse was staring with a cold senile smile “ no one makes it out of the forest” it said i screamed as i felt the tree vines wrap around me and the last thing i saw was the bag sink into the ground with the elixir.

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