the two sibling's

by kimberly a.
Illinois, United States
genre: Fantasy

  Once upon a time a long long time ago rumors were going around about a sorceress living on top of the hill, one day these two kids decided they were going to go to the top of the hill to see if the rumors were true, the kids were Kai and Luna, Kai was the oldest of twelve years old and his younger sister, Luna, was nine, kai had black hair that slightly covered his brown eyes, he was wearing a white t-shirt and a black jacket with blue jeans and red shoes, luna had long curly blonde hair and blue eyes, she was wearing a pink shirt with a unicorn on it along with blue jeans and light-up sneakers, people said the siblings were spitting images of their parents, kai matching his dad and luna matching her mom, as the siblings were heading up the hill they heard a noise that sounded like growling. 

     “What was that?” Luna asked, scared. 

     “I don’t know, come on let’s keep walking,” Kai replied putting his arm over his younger sister's shoulders protectively. 

     Once they arrived at the top they saw this super old and rundown shack, they heard noises coming from the shack. 

     “Come on Kai, let’s go home, I'm scared!” Luna said hurrying to get home because she was petrified from fear.

     “Oh come on Luna! Once we open the door we can tell everyone how we were the ones to find the sorceress.” Kai pleaded. 

     Then before Luna could argue Kai grabbed her wrist and pulled her along, Kai used his hand to open the door and saw a little girl dancing in the shack, the girl looked six maybe seven, she had blue hair that reached towards her knees, she had a gray dirty dress on with no shoes on, the girl turned around and stared at the siblings. 

     “Who are you people?” The girl asked her voice strong. 

     “I’m Kai and this is my little sister Luna,” Kai said wearily. 

     “Welcome Kai and Luna, why have you come here?” The girl questioned. 

     “We were seeing if the rumors were true,” Kai explained. 

     “What rumors?” The girl asked. 

     “The town says that there’s a sorceress up here,” Kai answered. 

     “Oh, well care to join me inside?” the girl asked sweetly.

     The sibling’s shared a look and shrugged. “Sure,” Kai said.

     The sibling’s followed the girl inside, inside the shack there were three rocking chairs with a table, on the table there was a basket of fruit, there were apples and bananas, and more.

     “May I?” Luna asked, pointing at a green apple.

     “Of course, help yourself.” the girl said.

     “If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?” Kai asked.

     “My name is Ellie though most people call me E,” E answered.

     E walked over to a tiny kitchen in the corner.

     “Want something to drink?” E asked.

     “Sure,” Kai said.

     E looked at Luna, “you?” she asked.

     “Yes please,” Luna answered.

     E poured the siblings some water and walked over to them.

     “I'm glad you guys are here, I get lonely sometimes, not a lot of people visit, and when they do they don't stay for very long,” E explained.

     “Where's your parents?” Luna asked.

     “Oh, they’re not here that much,” E replied sadly, she looked down at her hands.

     “Oh, I'm sorry,” Luna said sincerely.

     “No problem,” E announced, “hey, you guys should stay here! We could be best friends forever.”

     “Oh, we’d love to, but we have a mother and father to go back to,” Kai replied.

     “Oh, okay then, that's what Most people say.” E said, The girl then started glowing red. A bright light emerged from the little girl blinding the siblings, the siblings held each other tight, and the siblings were never heard from again. Their parent’s spent hours searching for their kids but could never find them.

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