Bump In The Night

by Asher W.
Missouri, United States
genre: Horror

Amara woke in the middle of the night, when Cullen—the vampire they had been getting involved with for the past week or so—had left about an hour or so before. 


They couldn't explain what woke them up, simply that something seemed to call them from outside


Maybe it had just been their experiences earlier in the day—the memory of Cullen's teeth in their wrist still sent a shudder down their spine—they weren't entirely sure. But they couldn't get back to sleep


And so they ventured ou


Wrapped in their blanket, they exited their bedroom and began to approach the kitchen; after all, even if it was nothing, they could at least get something to drin


The tapping of the faucet—which still leaked, even after numerous attempts to fix it—soothed them, even if only minimally, because of the familiarity. Slow steps against the title echoed off the wall


A heavy sigh left them as they looked around, relaxing when they found nothing staring at them from the shadows


They turned back to the sink, grabbing a glas


—A creak sounded out from behind the


Their blood ran cold


They didn't move, keeping their gaze fixed on the counter in an attempt to seem like they hadn't heard anythin


Filling the glass with water, trying not to look behind them


Slowly, cautiously, they turned around to face the source, shaking fingers wrapped around their cu


Nothing but darkness awaited them, no one else present. They were alon


And then they caught a sign of movement out of the corner of their eye. Crimson eyes that seemed to glow in the dark met theirs


Fear seized them—their hands began to shake uncontrollably, their breathing growing shallow as sweat formed across their forehead


They forced themselves to turn back away


Maybe if they just ignored it, it would go awa


Another crea


"Don't come any closer." The words came out strangled by terror—slipping out before they could stop them—barely audible over the sound of their own heartbeat pounding in their ear




Then, "Are you afraid?" The voice was taunting. Bra


They swallowed thickly, trying to calm their racing heart enough to speak; they readied themselves to run


"I'm a vampire, blood bag. There's nowhere to run." An audible towards them.  The vampire took slow, deliberate steps forward until he stood right in front of where Amara was standing, his face mere inches from their


His red eyes gleamed in the low light. Their pulse raced. He spoke again, tone mocking, "Are you scared


They snapped, trying to kick at him, "Go to hell!


He caught their ankle in his hand—his lips quirking in amusement—and yanked them forward. They yelped as they were pulled against his chest, his arm pressing over their throat


"Quiet, pet," He said, his other hand gripping their hair and pulling their head back so he could press his face against their nec


They shook, trying to fight against him even though they knew they couldn't get away, "Don't touch me


Fangs pressed against their skin as he softly shushed them, the pressure against their neck worsening until black spotted in their visio


"I'll do whatever I want," He whispered into their ear, "Do you understand? You belong to me now.


He released their throat and pushed them forward, into the counter. They coughed, struggling to gasp in air as he laughed. The world spun around them


His hand brushed down their newly bloodied hair and cupped their chin, forcing them to look into his eyes. He smiled down at them, fangs bared in a predatory fashion as they felt their body go still without their permission.  "You're mine. My pet


The last thing they remembered was the feeling of their blood draining from their body, joined with the feeling of their mind giving out.



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