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Slumber party mystery

by Jennie S
California, United States
genre: Mystery

Saturday October 15th 

Today I got up earlier than usual for a Saturday, My cousins are coming over for my first sleepover  Yippee!!

"Good morning Mom and Dad" I said with a smile " I'm so excited for the slumber party tonight, Daddy aren't you excited ? "I asked, Then dad replied " oh sure a house full of girls, I'll be in the garage if you need me" He said mommy giggled at him ..

Suddenly I heard scratching noises coming from the garage, but mom didn't seem to hear anything. Maybe it was my imagination. We got started on decorating the house. Pumpkins, spider webs , bats, ghost's, my favorite black cat's and witches...there it is again that same scratching noise.

" Mommy do you hear that?" I asked her " hear what?" Said then Bang we both jumped at the loud noise scared the bejeezus out of us, " maybe Dad dropped a tool or something on the " mom we went on decorating the house. Scratch scratch scratch.. This time mommy Heard it too. We both looked at each other and daddy came out of the garage 

"Honey, did you drop a tool ?" He dropped a bag of chips in surprise at the question... "Uh .. no I haven't, why do you ask?" He voice sounded different and his eyes were a little widden.

" Well we have been hearing scratching and that loud crash a few moments... She was about to continue when daddy dropped an apple. We looked at him confused, then she asked "What with you today, butterfingers?"

As she helped him pick up his apple. " If you're planning on scaring us I'll find out daddy" I told him "No I'm not planning anything, just stay out of the garage ok" he said and left quickly , mom and I both shrugged our shoulders at the same time.

Then herd Beep Beep it was auntie Sara's car horn "there here Mae ! Raven!! Salem!! Jolene, Alia, we all gave each other big hugs and went inside.

"Wow look at the cool decorations Awesome" they said together, 

" Tonight is going to be so much fun " , "Hi uncle Mike!!" 

"Hi girls, honey I'll be in the garage working on something if you need me for anything else. I'll pick up the pizza in fifteen minutes" " What are you up to?" Mom asked him , but dad just smiled and left.. " Then Scratch scratch scratch was louder This time even my friends heard it too.

"What was that?" Auntie  Sara asked,,

" Not sure but we have been hearing it all day but now upstairs, Mike was just up there, you know he has been Acting weird even for him today" mom said…

" That's nothing new He's always been that way" said auntie Sara , my cousin and I wanted to look upstairs but mom said no and we started on our pumpkin carving ..

" Pizza time girls "daddy said yummy veggie pizza..

" After pizza we'll start on the pumpkin carving" said mom then BANG !! we all Jumped ,

" your house is haunted cool" said Mae , daddy seemed calmed and didn't drop anything this time but he was wide eyed and said " it was probably nothing I guess left my shaving kit on the edge again you girls stay here I'll check it out"

Then mom added " A shaving kit made that loud noise honey really, that was the same noise that came from the garage this morning" .. she said to him , my cousins and I knew we had a mystery tonight. We finished our pumpkins before nightfall and put them outside. They looked Awesome , so far this has been the best slumber party ever.

It was a while before we had heard any strange noises until we all went upstairs, that is..." Get back in there!" Dad said, but who was he talking to ? He heard us only because Raven  sneezed .

Hi girls what are you doing up here?" He asked it looked like he was shooing something in the door ..

"getting our sleeping bags, daddy are you ok?" I asked him..

" yes pumpkin why you ask?" .

"Dad you're acting so weird today and who are you talking to?" I question him

" No one pumpkin everything is ok you girls gather your things" he said so we got our sleeping bags, went down stairs and started planning on our search, mom was washing dishes as We cleaned up our mess from the pumpkin carving.

" Mom will be in the living room playing board games' ' I said we went straight to work searching the living room, we were going to solve this by bedtime.. Salem and Jolene came upstairs with me to the room daddy was in but the door was open this time"

Maybe uncle Mike knew we were searching" said Salem .. perhaps she was right I did tell him that I would find out if he was planning anything.

We searched every room upstairs while Mae and Alia looked out for mom or dad. But nothing went down the stairs

" Anything?" Mae asked. We all shook our heads "Nothing" I said then we all shrugged our shoulders and heard Alia say " your mom is coming in hurry" , we all ran to sit on the floor and pretend to play the board game clue.. phew close one.

"Who's winning?" Mom asked, " iam auntie." Alia said mommy laughed and went upstairs, we all looked and I Leaned  to make sure she was gone..." Hi girls' ' daddy said Ahhhhhhh we screamed, our board pieces went everywhere.," Must be an intense game going on" daddy laughed And went to the kitchen... Daddy scared the bejeezus out of us we put the game away besides, daddy gave us a better game to play of what is daddy's secret.. " ok ladies what movie do you want to see first, hocus pocus, nightmare before Christmas, the great pumpkin charlie brown?" Daddy asked us. We all agreed and said " the great pumpkin charlie brown"

" ok the great pumpkin it is I'll be in the garage I got some cleaning up to do... Wait, where is your mom?" daddy asked...

"she went upstairs probably to shower" I told him " well you know where to find me then but knock first ok".. "Yes dad/ uncle Mike" we all said.. we took a mini break to plan our last search before bed "well wait til it's bed time and when my dad goes upstairs" I said as we were halfway thru the movie

We fell asleep , then BANG!! Then noise woke us up, scaring the bejesus out of us again. So with our flashlights we tipped toe to the garage, my cousins were behind me.

"Look my dad left the door open" I said we shine our lights and saw a box with blankets tipped over and a pumpkin moving holy moly something was in it as we got closer..

"What are you girls up too?" Daddy asked , Ahhhhhhh we screamed as he turned on the lights. We heard a Meow meow coming from inside the pumpkin then out came a little black kitten. "Calypso you silly kitty you couldn't behave til tomorrow" said dad picking her up. " Surprise pumpkin she is all yours" daddy said, handing her to me. I couldn't help but smile. She was so beautiful and I loved her name Calypso." Thank you so much daddy" I said cuddling with her, my new black kitten with green eyes purring in my arms .

"That's what you were up too, the noises we heard and why you had your music louder than usual to keep us from hearing her" I said to him.

" Yes pumpkin Granny's cat had kittens and asked me to give you Calypso she and I agreed that she was the one for you, and girls you get to pick your kittens tomorrow when granny comes over" daddy said

We said good night to my mom and dad, my Calypso Meowing and purring as we put her in middle of us and we fell back asleep..


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