Five Hundred Words About Two: The Living Room Session

by Jay Ryder
Ohio, United States
genre: Romance

FIVE.  I was only five when I first saw her.  But, somehow, I knew.  She was the one.


HUNDRED… at least.  Oh, he tried to get me to notice him at least a hundred ways.  That's probably a conservative estimate.  The only thing I noticed was my complete lack of interest.  I was pretty sure he had a crush on me all through school.  Why else would he continually pester me in juvenile ways that boys use to gain the attention of a girl?  He was persistent… I’ll give him that.  Despite his persistence, we went through our school days without a single hint of romance sparking between us.  He was no match for my stubborn resistance.  Until… well, until after graduation, when he enlisted the help of his best friend… my brother.  Finally, in a moment of weakness and attempting to get them to leave me alone, I agreed to one date.  Just one.  Except… after one, my resolve was noticeably weakened.  In fact, it was all but gone.  This caught me off guard.  I had resisted and been uninterested for so long, could this actually be interest?  I couldn’t deny it.  He was… well… he wasn’t so bad, and I wanted to see him again.


WORDS?  Our together story in words?  Well, words might not do justice to the telling of a lifetime built together.  Our story has been better lived than told.  It is a story of that little boy, smitten with the bobbed-haired girl barely taller than the teacher’s desk.  Of that young woman who reticently gave him an arm's-length chance, falling, to her confusion, hard and fast.  Of being joined in the June of our lives… where hope and possibilities blossomed like the lilacs in the yard of the country chapel.  A story, not unlike those lilacs, with seasons of fading and blooming anew.  Of young love; miscarriages; births; disappointments; victories; unemployment; promotions; health crises; healing.  A span now exceeding six decades, we have walked, inseparably, side by side through life's summits and valleys.  Some would say we are lucky.  We know we are fortunate, but luck has little to do with it.  We vowed only death would part us, the reality of which creeps ever closer in the December of our lives.  But, like everything past, we will face that… he, with the simple devotion of that five-year-old boy, still smitten with the now gray-haired girl.  And she, standing by her man with the resolve of her younger self.  Like many stories, ours can't be easily told in hundreds, or thousands, of words.  But the moral of our story-- the very foundation on which it is built-- is summed in just two small, seemingly simple words, spoken with undying devotion on that June day.  “I do”.  Two words, stalwart sentries, guarding commitment and withstanding the tests of life.  On these two words we will continue to uphold each other until the final chapter of our December years is written and the last lilac fades.

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