by Meryem Celik
Ontario, Canada
genre: General

How can something so simple appear so complicated? What exactly is love? It's a deep desire for someone's adoration, a straightforward definition that pains my brain to comprehend. It all seems so easy, but only after observing it do you begin to notice its complexity; the deeper truth behind the perfect image that every individual has unspokenly learned to hide. I've always wanted to believe in love, in the idea that there is someone out there who genuinely cares and has a long-term devotion for you, but only after encountering some vile displays of romance from the couples around me, it all seems a little far-fetched. The concept of love is magical, but my expectations for it to be true are dwindling by the day. That is until I met you. When all of a sudden, every single love cliché was describing how I feel in more words than I could fathom. It's almost as though the butterflies raging in my stomach are continually pleading with me not to screw this over. I catch myself staring deep into your eyes, lost in thought, trying to find my way back to reality, only to realize I've been grinning from ear to ear the entire time. Despite the fact that the concept of love appears to be beyond comprehension, I wish I could stay in this moment forever now that I have fully grasped its allure. I've realized I've fallen for society's trap, the illusion of love, and every time I look at you, I'm reminded of it. Although, no matter how much I want to stay in this moment indefinitely, I know that the enchantment will fade.  It's just a matter of time, and I can't decide whether I want to stay till it's gone or leave before it's over, with the fond memories replaying in my head. I can envision the concept of love as a simple sense of a strong yearning for another person, but I can't picture the concept of everlasting. During my childhood, it always felt as if my parents' relationship was inseparable and perfect. However, I started to see that it was all fake as if the love was never there and I was just too oblivious to notice. Looking left and right, every relationship feels more damaged than the next as if people enjoy putting themselves in this pain. The idea of falling in love is easy, as I feel I truly love you, it’s the fear that this warm feeling won’t last forever. I have come to the conclusion that you must have faith that everything will be fine by accepting that love entails pain, and how you need to acknowledge this all when deciding to enter the make-believe world of romance to stay in it forever. As the beauty in everything is that it's not perfect. Nothing lasts forever, much as fire can't stay lit permanently without being rekindled, as love must be reignited with deliberate gestures to stay constant. As I contemplate the idea of love, my train of thought suddenly gets interrupted. “Hey Grace, did you hear my question?” hollers my best friend, returning me back to reality. “Sorry what?” I reply even though I have been ruminating the answer since he first asked, “Do you believe in true love?”, as I watch him run his hands through the tall grass as he re-asks the question. I never did before I met him, but the idea of telling him seems impossible, so I attempt to answer without exposing my secret. I reply with my words chosen carefully, as I notice my smile getting bigger and bigger as I speak. "I believe it's the effort you put in to make it true. True love may seem improbable at first, but I truly do believe it in the end.”

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