My Love of Art

by Agnes Provost
British Columbia, Canada
genre: Romance

I was walking with my parents along the trail of the park peering left and right at the beautiful things for sale. From above, the drone captured the image of hundreds of tents running along eachother in some form of unity. The trees in between reminded you that this indeed was : Art in the Park.

It was a form of tradition really, going each year to this event where I was inspired by the creativity of each booth and drawn to the caramel covered apples. If we were lucky, we'd go into the castle that this park surrounded and grab some lunch.

This time something more pivotal occurred. I myself was getting into the art scene and was dating some too.

As I looked up from watching my feet not trip on a root or an electrical cord, I locked eyes of a mother of an ex boyfriend. She was always very gentle and supportive so I was genuinely excited to see her. As we started chatting, she reverted to a man sitting down painting a picture.  

"This is Denny. " She introduced me.

Denny looked up and smiled and nodded quietly.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

My ex boyfriend mom rattled on how Denny is opening up an art business close to theirs and the words seemed to not stick. I was unavailable in more ways than one at that time.

She grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.

"He's a really good guy." 

And it struck me hard. She was trying to make me pay attention. And those words stuck to my brain like glue. I wanted a really good guy.

Not long after I entered the Fine Art Paintings business in a long white flowing dress. I was observing this new man and I was intrigued. 

He showed his gentleness and strength. His room was a symbol of skills by him building the entire kitchen in the back to painting the murals on the walls to the hundreds of his paintings lining the walls. 

Denny didn't like to party, he wasn't extreme into sports. He enjoyed painting and working out and that fit me perfectly.

At that time, I was in a deeper healing stage after my car accident. I was past the immediate injuries, but my back was still healing from 2 breaks and so was my arm. My knees were healing from a recent surgery so I was using crutches part time. On top of this, I was heavily prescribed from my doctor. 

I was still unavailable but I didn't let Denny go and he was patient. He would take my phone calls and listen. He would let me rest on the bed without any threat. There I felt safe to heal without my parents having to feel bad about it. 

So after a month of friendship I broke up with my boyfriend via email. I've learned now that it could of been handled better. 

I started dating Denny and my life grew. He was strong and would carry me up the stairs when my back would give up. He hugged me as I reduced my medication. He pushed me to increase my physical activity.

I went from a girl who almost lost her arm at 17 to a wife who can use that arm without too much suspect. 

I went from a girl whose doctors said the best thing out of all my injuries is that I'm young to the point where doctors says your an inspiration.

Me and Denny are still together after 13 years and still going strong. We have pushed our expectations of ourselves to become better.

I started having PTSD attacks so I'm actively going to somatic therapy. Denny returned to painting after hand building 2 homes. 

The thing that makes us work is the desire to always grow. We both understand that being uncomfortable is the active feeling of growth and we challenge ourselves daily. We are a dream team, fortunate that we found eachother to help us in this thing called Life.





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