Precious Love

by Tara Onayoade
Manitoba, Canada
genre: General

Precious Love  

No type of love can compare to the love a mother has for her child. A mother loves her child right before the child is born. A mother risks her life during labor, clearly knowing that there is a possibility that she may not make it back from this journey alive. But she still happily does it. That is true love and no matter how many people tell you they love you; they can never compare their love to that of a mother’s. No one gives a stronger love than a mother who carries a stranger in her womb for nine months. There is no other type of love that can compare to that.  

This story is about a mother called Rachael and her daughter Jovi. Rachael gave birth to Jovi at the age of 18 when she was just in high school. Jovi’s father never took responsibility as the father of the child. Rachael, having no support from family or society, decided to keep the child, and followed through with her pregnancy. She had to drop out of school just a few weeks before her graduation. The school could not allow her to continue the session with a child. Rachael brought a great amount of shame to her parents. She was cast out by her father on the streets. Rachael, with no money and nowhere to go, began to be homeless and lived in multiple terrible places. Obviously, this life was not a life for a pregnant person, but Rachael endured it all and did everything she could to survive.  

A month into her pregnancy, Rachael began to have problems with her pregnancy. There was a free clinic around the corner of where she was living. She went to the clinic, and they checked on the baby. She was told that her chances of delivering the child safely were very slim. The doctors told her that if she luckily gave birth to the child, she had less than a ten percent chance of survival. Rachael insisted on carrying on with the pregnancy. At night, she sang songs to her child while robbing her stomach. She had a job as a waiter at a club. She did what she did to survive.  

She kept visiting the clinic but kept getting worse results, so she stopped. She endured the excruciating pain. She showed a lot of love for a stranger she never met. Sleeping on the streets was not the worst situation she had been in. All the money that she gathered from her job that paid her less than the minimum wage she kept for her child. At night, she would tell it that it was going to have a better life than she had. She endured all the pain and hardship and saw her pregnancy to an end.  

Her water broke while she was at her place of work. There was a lot of blood, so an ambulance was called. A lot of hospitals rejected her because she had no way of paying for the surgery that she had to undergo. She could not go through a normal delivery. The only hospital that took her was a Samaritan hospital for people who had no income. They had no anesthesia, so she had the choice of performing the surgery or losing the baby. The doctors warned her of how intense the surgery was going to be and that the chances of survival were slim.  

Rachael agreed to go on with the surgery without anesthesia. It was the worst ten hours of her life. They gave her a lot of drugs for the pain, but it could only take away half of it. The baby girl finally came out. As she was born, Rachael’s blood pressure began to rise at a very fat rate. Then her heart stopped beating, so the doctors tried using a defibrillator to restart her heart, but it yielded no results. With no results they decided to pronounce her dead. Just after they were about to pronounce her dead, they heard a heartbeat. Her heart began to beat again.  

Rachael had been lying unconsciously on the hospital bed for two weeks with no telling if she was going to wake up. As soon as she gained consciousness, a nurse came to check on her. The nurse told her that the surgery was a success. Rachael asked, “Where is my child?” and the nurse replied, “She is sleeping with the other kids.” The nurse told her that she will be discharged in a couple of days. Rachael, although in serious pain, could not think of anything other than her child. As soon as the child was handed over to Rachael, she cried at the sight of her beautiful girl. Rachael told her that she was going to do everything she could do for her. Rachael named her daughter “Jovi” after her mother. Jovi was the only family she had who wanted her around, so she was going to do everything possible to ensure that she was safe and comfortable.  

Rachael was discharged after a few days. She got a space at a shelter for homeless people. She was only given a small bed, so she slept on the floor. She placed Jovi on the bed and slept on the floor every night. The following morning, Rachael bought some things with the remaining money that she had saved. 

Rachael needed a job to buy some basic things that her child needed. So, she found a job at a club, as a stripper. That was the only job that she found that needed no experience. She did. Rachael stripped every night and did all she could to give her child comfort even if she had none. Rachael enrolled Jovi into a daycare. Rachael sang to Jovi every night. It was so wonderful for Rachael watching Jovi grow up. Rachael got a job at a company as a clerk. 

Jovi grew up and started school. It was rough but it was so worth it for Rachael. Rachael rented an apartment a few years back. They had been having a lot of problems with the property owner. Seeing all the troubles that Rachael went through, Jovi dropped out of school to start a music career. She had a good voice. She performed at small events until one day she met the owner of a record label who signed her onto his label. Jovi’s dad tried to claim her as his child, but he lost. Rachael’s suffering paid off. Rachael’s love for her child was the greatest thing ever. All her tears at night turned into a happy story because Jovi turned out so well. They lived an incredibly happy life. At the end it all worked out well for Rachael 



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