storyengine mode

StoryEngine mode is perfect for new writers and for experienced writers who don't want a lot of distractions and prefer to work in a closed space. 

The StoryEngine minimizes the number of options and tools in your workspace, so you can focus on what really matters...your writing. Simplicity at the click of a button.

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Storyengine mode leaves you access to simple forms to add new locations and characters, and the Writeboard, which gives you space to write.  All of our trackers and editors magically disappear, so you can focus on creating. 

If you need extra features, such as editing tools or reports, a click reopens the Toolbox. You can return to your minimalized workspace in Storyengine mode at any time. 

special features:

  • Simple forms help you create characters and places.
  • Use the writing pad in basic or distraction-free mode.
  • Prompts are tucked away above your writing space where you can reference them if you're not sure what happens next.
  • Tag your characters, places and plot elements so you can see where your characters are in time and space, and what they are doing. 
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