Press Release: StoryBilder – Driven by the Power of Story

The ability of story to transport, enlighten, and entertain has been a human social driver since the beginning of time. For StoryBilder, the search for ways to enable better storytelling is the only quest worth pursuing.

(TORONTO, ON, March 4, 2019)  Storytelling is a fundamental human impulse. People use stories to communicate, to connect, and to influence. Narrative helps people make sense of the past and imagine the future. The best stories help process fear, promote empathy, and allow readers to experience places and ideas far beyond their daily reach.

Press Release: StoryBilder – This Little Startup Goes to Market

Balancing production costs and without compromising quality is a challenge for any aspiring startup. For the upcoming creative writing platform StoryBilder, choosing to build on Pantheon meant freedom to focus on getting their platform ready for prime time.

Press Release: Introducing StoryBilder: The Creative Writing Platform Where Novel Ideas Come to Live

Whether you need help making that dream novel happen, want to collaborate with your friends, or just need a solid platform to keep track of your stories, StoryBilder helps you bring the novel you always wanted to write to life.