Growing Up

by K. Renee
Nova Scotia, Canada
genre: General

Sitting in the grass under the shade of an old tree, with relaxing music playing while we wrote. We were both wearing flowing jumpsuits that felt more like summer dresses she’d bought for us.  Bees lazily flew from one flower to the next, sometimes landing on the blanket before floating away again. Birds chirped, and the breeze left a gentle whistle in my ears. The bright sun shone down around us.                                                                                                                             I could afford a minute to be distracted from the story I was writing. This moment was too precious to miss. Her hair was like gold in the sun, with the rolling fields behind her. I could stay here forever, writing next to her.                                                                                                                 We went back and back again to that same spot under the old tree throughout our stay on the island. I wanted to feel that peace always.

Usually, I was terrified of the dark. I wasn’t one to stay up late.                                                          But every night we’d be awake far past midnight, watching movies and laughing until our sides hurt. There’s something different about the night when you’re not alone. We watched movies from our childhood, spy flicks, and Lord of the Dance. We’d watched that one last time we came to PEI as well. She made it even more enjoyable with her comments about the villain’s outfits, the singers, the violinists, all of it really. She had opinions about everything, but I never got bored of hearing them.

We went out for lunch, just the two of us. We wanted to visit a cute diner, so I found directions to one online. It took us far longer to get there than it should have, but I didn’t mind more time together.                                                                                                                                                          The place was mostly empty when we arrived. The staff consisted of two people, but they were both so sweet to us. The food was incredible, and the sun coming through the window by our table felt like a dream. We talked about that place the whole drive back, promising we had to go back with everyone next time.


The music blared as we drove down the country roads of PEI. I was navigating as she drove. (Her family van had a new dent and we were taking a very, very scenic route)                          Our musical playlist pounded in our ears on shuffle. When a duet would come on, she’d sing the low part and I’d sing the high while we steamed the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I was pretty sure I'd strained my voice in three different ways, but it didn’t matter.                               The sun rested on the horizon. The view hit me with full force as the trees fell away, the light reflected on the glimmering waters of the Atlantic.                                                                             She parked the van and we gathered our things before walking down the boardwalk. We were joking and singing the whole way.                                                                                                            We set up the blanket in the sand, using our shoes to stop the wind from stealing it. With the speaker set up and our playlist back on shuffle, our performance continued.  A mess of footprints surrounded us, the collection growing larger as we danced. I stumbled in the sandy divots, but she just laughed it off for me.                                                                                                  As it grew darker, the mood died down. We sat next to each other on the blanket, watching the last of the sun disappear. The  waves grew dark. I’d always been mesmerized by the ocean. Its mood affected my own.

It was in moments like these, I remembered our time was running out.                                           I’d tried to ignore it and enjoy the time we had left, but it snuck to the front of my mind anyways.                                                                                                                                                        One lonely star appeared in the sky, above the lights of the distant town.                                 Soon, she’d be heading out west for university, while I’d be staying to finish my last year of high school. She would have so much fun. Make so many new friends.                                      Silent tears fell down my cheeks. Without saying a word, she pulled me into a comforting hug. A second star appeared by the first.                                                                                                        The sound of ocean waves washed over us as I cried into her shoulder.

As we sat there on that dark and windy beach in PEI, I started to miss her already.

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