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tanya gough, founder

Tanya has extensive experience in content management, social media and interactive, multi-platform projects. She has been at the cutting-edge of emerging technologies, including dynamic web development, eCommerce, app development, social media, beacon technologies, and data-driven interactive projects, and she brings a unique blend of tech-focused process capabilities and language-based communication skills to StoryBilder.

She spent 10 years at the helm of The Poor Yorick Shakespeare Catalogue, which had its start in Stratford, Ontario at the birth of dynamic eCommerce, and built the company into a global Shakespeare supplier with customers in 42 countries around the world. She later transitioned into content management and worked with national and international firms, including Research in Motion/BlackBerry (telecommunications), Shoppers Drug Mart and Harris Broadcasting (manufacturing), in industries as varied as the arts, music, retail, pharmacy, healthcare, cosmetics, IT technologies, international law, children’s brands, and food.

She has designed and executed content projects, social media campaigns, corporate research, and marketing promotions for global brands, start-ups and government agencies. You can learn more about her work at www.tanyagough.com.


megan chapman, marketing intern

Megan Chapman is a junior at UNC Wilmington, studying creative writing and film. She is also a student at Genm.co, studying marketing. She is in the process of finishing her first novel, which will be published in October 2019. You can find out more about Megan at www.merlotetmots.com